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Air Conditioning

Split and Ducted Systems

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We are your trusted air conditioning supplier. At Advanced Electrical Air Conditioning, we work with homeowners and insurance builders, providing value for money as well as friendly and efficient service.

We understand that the process air conditioning installation can seem overwhelming – so we do what we can to make the process simple, cost effective and hassle-free.

We provide value for money and our friendly team members take particular care to tailor each air conditioning system to your particular needs.

Air Conditioning | Split and Ducted Systems

Advanced Electrical Air Conditioning provides an air conditioning maintenance and after sales service on all completed projects.

Whether you require a floor or wall-mounted split system air conditioner for one room, or a multi-split system for multiple rooms, our friendly team will design the right system for you.

Our air conditioning technicians can also provide insurance assessments and reports when needed.

Split Systems

Looking for a versatile, clean, quiet, economical air conditioning system? A split system is for you! Indoor units can be wall or floor mounted, with the refrigerant pipe work and electrical wiring connecting to the outdoor unit.

Split Systems are whisper quiet, efficient to run and easy to use. Their design is elegant and unobtrusive. Many systems feature quality air filtration systems, trapping microscopic particles, decomposing odours and deactivating bacteria and viruses.

Available in both reverse cycle and cooling only models.

Advanced electrical air conditioning - Split system

Ducted Systems

Advanced Electrical Air Conditioning supplies and installs a range of quality ducted split air conditioning systems. Powered by highly efficient condensing units located outdoors, away from the indoor fan coil unit, these units run very quietly.

Air flowing quietly through unobtrusive ceiling or floor vents, provides year-round comfort to all areas of your home or business.

Advanced Electrical Air conditioning uses only quality fittings – flexible acoustic aluminium ductwork with 40mm insulation, insulated manufacturer specified heavy wall copper, connecting the indoor and outdoor units, and all wiring in accordance with the SAA wiring rules and local supply authority requirements.

A fully ducted split system is an investment, but our air conditioning technician team will ensure you receive the most cost-effective, practical solution for your situation. Thermostats, timeclocks and zone controllers used in different configurations give you greater flexibility, comfort and most importantly increased energy efficiency.

Advanced electrical air conditioning - Ducted system

It’s our goal to get this work done as quickly as possible so that the builders have everything they need to get the property back in shape and so the residents can move back in as quickly as possible.

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